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20140704_095704I am one lucky guy who loves to have lots-o-fun and the freedom to speak his mind and soul through a variety of show formats.

On my show I purge the pent-up socially unacceptable cognitive and emotive tensions stored in my mind and soul thanks to the Tempesta di Merda (Italian for shit storms) that are the story of my life. I vent and rant through cathartic satire and improvisational humor.

Show 1: Bubbas and Fruitcakes Road Show features my “character defects” pontificating and on everything from sex to drugs to rock-n-roll to relationships to male behavioral health. It’s a carnival of crazy cognitions and ideas and a roller coast ride of ridiculous outlooks on life. The wacky and quirky part is these guys may actually have something of value to say! Airs on Tuesdays/Fridays at 9p (cdt).

Show 2The Middle-Aged, Under-Employed, Over-Educated Dad Show features fatherly advise, stories and morals that no child should ever be subject to or forced to listen to…however my children are subjected to it. Make sense? Airs on Wednesdays at 9p (cdt).

Show 3Self-Serve Behavioral Health from the Grumpy Gator Cafe’ features insights froma  frequent flyer to hell and back on the notion of seeking, finding and maintaining some resemblance of mental wellness through psychological fitness skills. Airs Mondays/Thursdays at 9p (cdt).

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NASCAR, Brickyard 400 & Healing


This is all of the stuff that I love:

  • Owning Your Own Bullshit,
  • Relational Tensions
  • Reconciliations
  • Growth
  • Life Improvements

The Bodines, in living color and at 200 miles per hous, publically expressed their thoughts and emotions through behaviors at the inaugural Brickyard 400. That’s how it works. Relational tensions are life storms and crises that place hurt and fear into our souls. As that hurt and fear rots and festers it becomes toxic and nuclear.

Eventually that emotion and the physiological effects we experience as our mind tells our body to prepare to fight or flight MUST come out, As hurt and fear exit the soul and we expell physical reactions to the fight-flight response we behave. Sometimes well. Sometimes badly. Sometimes publically. Someimtes at the detrement of others.

Shit happens. Questions is, when it does, can you own your own bullshit, heal and rebuild?

At the end of the day people, the best tradgies and comedies we ever experience are played our right in front of our eyes on the stage of life.

THE Know It All Episode

Trust me. I Know The Tangled Webs I Weave

Trust me. I Know The Tangled Webs I Weave

I can be a pompous prognosticator.

You read me correctly. I can be a pompous, prognosticator. A real prick who predicts the future. Well, sort of.

You see, when the fit hits the shan in my world, I will occasionally respond by seizing control of my tail-spinning out of control life by playing the annoying and aggravating, to others that is, role of THE Know It All!

I direct people. They just love that shit.

I tell people what to do. They love that shit even more.

And I predict the future. Now people are ready to kill me.

However, as boss, I am in many ways enabled to engage in this less than effective and less than healthy way of respond to the anxiety I am experiencing as a result of a life storm or crises or just every day, garden variety stress. And when enabled to engage in such dumb-ass behaviors, I can do even more damage to the relationships and important connections of my life. Oh, goodie.

I do the same thing as a father. I “boss” my kids around. Authority is my heroine when I am transforming into the pompous, prick prognosticator and know it all.

I manage the anxiety that flood my soul when my brain and mind work together to craft the movie of … What Bob’s Life Could Be. My imagination running wild with possible outcomes from a current stressor and/or crises fuels the monster know it all in me and possible you and/or someone whom you love and live with.

Listen to The Know It All Episode NOW! You’ll be glad you did. Take it from me. I know stuff.